Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Our Winter Campout (Review)

So here's the story on our Pack's campout-only a week too late.

Beautiful weather both nights (12/10 and 12/11). It got to 32 degrees on Friday night, so everyone earned their "Polar Bear" badges. It was not nearly as cold as the 17 degrees it was last year.

When Curtis and I showed up to the campsite (Canyon of The Eagles-Burnet, Texas) we were all ready to set up our tent, which has been really messed up since the "lantern incident" a couple of years ago (more on that another time). One of our Den Leaders comes up and tells me that the beautiful tent set up next to the spot we were going to set up on is our NEW TENT! Kick-ass! It was all uphill from there.

Saturday, the Scouts all had a great time, lots of Capture the Flag and playing down by the lake. Saturday evening, we did our flag retirement ceremony.

I've been part of retiring American flags for 3 years now; this one was the best so far. We had 4 Scouts as our color guard and they were spot-on perfect. Not bad for Scouts who only got to practice once 2 hours beforehand. All of the other 24 Scouts who participated were very respectful; I wish they were that way all of the time. It's the only time during the Scout year that I get emotional.

Came back on Sunday, exhausted, but happy. We had a good time and we're going to book the same place again next year.


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