Monday, December 27, 2004

Pinewood Derby Award List

Here's a list of my favorite Pinewood Derby awards. Our Pack is running our PWD at the end of January. We do give out participation awards to everyone, but I really think the Scouts who put in the extra effort should be recognized above and beyond.

Cubmaster's Award-Most representative of Scouting
Most Realistic Car
Best Old-Time Car
Most Valuable Car-The car that ended up with the most money glued to it to make weight
Best Crash
Strangest Shape
Most Futuristic

We usually make the awards ourselves. They mostly consist of a stained wood block with some sort of gold painted item glued to it (a 6" ruler for Most Realistic, a giant penny for Most Valuable). They're fairly cheap and quick to make and the Scouts really like seeing a big pile of awards on the table.


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